Are you looking for educational basketball and other sports programs for your kids in the Maryland area? Well look no further. 1 Up Handles, Inc is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide quality academic and athletic programs for youth ages 5-18 where they feel free to hone or develop their innate abilities.

For example, they offer reading and journaling at their summer camps to keep students academically engaged over the summer break. During the school year 1 Up Handles hosts after school sports because they believe physical activity is a key ingredient to a healthy lifestyle. The sports offered include basketball, soccer, flag football and dance cheer. Their programs are designed for boys and girls ages 5-18 with the belief that through academics, sports and the fine arts participants will have fun, build friendships and learn or develop more in their perspective area of interest or interests. It is truly a win-win-win.

1 Up Handles Basketball Program for Kids

In addition, their programs are affordable because they believe in supporting hard working parents that want safe, structured and fun activities for their children to be involved in. “I believe being an athlete prepares students for success by providing structure, teaching discipline, encouraging competition, building social skills and promoting a We instead of Me Attitude,” stated Kevin Thompson, Founder of 1 Up Handles.

For more information visit www.1uphandles.com.