Splash & Dash FrontFit Fathers is excited to present the 2nd Annual Strive 2 Tri Youth Splash & Dash Event.  Strive 2 Tri is a non-profit organization based in Prince George’s County in Maryland which offers a youth training program from April thru September which teaches kids how to complete a triathlon.  Throughout the season they participate in 4 races within the MD/VA area with the culmination being the Strive 2 Tri Youth Splash & Dash which is a fun, pressure-free event for all ability levels. The Splash & Dash Event combines swimming and immediately transitions to a run according to the age of the young athlete. (7-15)

This year the Strive 2 Tri Youth Splash & Dash Event will be August 24, 2013 at the Linson Pool across from the University of Maryland in College Park.  This event is designed to present youths with a non-traditional sport and builds great confidence once they cross the finish line in preparation for a new school year.  The swim is conducted in a 3ft deep pool and participants are encouraged to walk or take a break if needed, but must complete the distance.  All participants receive an event shirt and a medal once they cross the finish line.  Lastly, the day is kicked off with a FREE 6 & UNDER FUN RUN (50yds). The kids in this event also receive a Finisher Medal.

All registered participants can come join for FREE Pre-Race Training Clinics at the Ellen Linson Pool on Thursday (8/15 & 8/22) from 6:30pm-7:30pm.

Visit www.strive2tri.org to see last year’s video and sign up at www.strive2tri.org.  Feel free to contact them at info@strive2tri.org.

This is a community event you don’t want to miss.