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Apps have revolutionized the way people receive mental health care. While an App can’t replace a therapist, it can go a long way in providing on-the-spot support and assisting clients in a moment of need. We’ve assembled a list of five Apps for clinical psychotherapy or education. Investigate which (if any) may fit your needs and always consult with a clinician to choose one best suited for your diagnosis.

M3 Screen Mobile App

The online M3 Screen is a private, self-rated checklist for potential mood and anxiety symptoms. Your checklist responses trigger a risk assessment page indicating your relative risk for depression, an anxiety disorder, bipolar disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The Screen responses and the resulting M3 risk assessment may be printed, faxed, emailed or securely accessed online by a designated health care professional, all at the discretion of the user.

Lantern Mobile App

Finding emotional well-being during life’s twists and turns isn’t easy. Accessing care is at best expensive, and at worst completely out of reach. And that’s where Lantern comes in. Founded in 2012 in San Francisco, we’re a team of researchers, technologists, and clinicians translating clinical research and expertise into simple, effective web and mobile programs based in cognitive behavioral therapy.

Code Blue Mobile App

The CodeBlue app, is soon for release this spring 2015 and is designed to help teenagers alert members of a designated support network with a text message whenever they feel acutely depressed. It’s like a whole new technology tool for helping young people who need help with depression right now.

Mood 24/7 Mobile App

Whether you are seeing a physician or are just interested in monitoring your mood, Mood 24/7provides an easy way to record how you’re feeling. After registering, Mood 24/7 will ask you how you feel each day via a mobile text message. If you miss a message, Mood 24/7 will send you a reminder later. You can print your chart or share it online with friends, family, or a health professional.

eCBT Calm

The eCBT Calm mobile app provides a set of tools to help you evaluate personal stress and anxiety, challenge distorted thoughts, and learn relaxation skills that have been scientifically validated in research on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Lots of background and useful information along with step-by-step guides are available.
While Apps will never be able to replace a therapist, they can be useful in helping gather information and help clients reach their goals in a more efficient manner. Mental health related Apps come in many forms. And always, be sure to take care of you.