Jamiaca_2013_Reggae_Sumfest_Half_Moon....14Words by Kimatni D. Rawlins

When positive change is desired one must restructure their entire mechanism of thinking. Not only must they follow those that have made successful transitions, but also become their own motivator and inspiration. They must bask in the glory of their physical, spiritual and healthful accomplishments and let go of those that oppose the transition while seeking like minds walking or running the same journey. I’m passionate about healthy evolutions due to the fact that I didn’t have someone guiding me on proper nutrition and fitness regimens. I crew up in Camden, NJ where poverty and lack of anything sustainable for a healthy life was null and void. Yet I thrived due to my thirst for knowledge and truth.

IMG_4481If we can all simply help one person get back on track then they can also inspire another individual until the movement is fortified with well-educated soldiers, leaders, kings and queens. For example, I see people getting fit through running, lifting, Zumba, biking and swimming, yet they reward themselves with horrible eating which negatively offsets the well-earned efforts. A 4-mile run at a fast pace, say 8:30 minute miles, is roughly 600 calories burned. An 11-minute pace may burn off 450 calories. A typical SAD (Standard American Diet) breakfast features eggs with cheese cooked in fattening oils and nitrate filled and chemically processed bacon and sausage and enriched white pancakes smothered in butter and sugary syrup. Top that off with a nutrient poor, fiber lacking and sugary orange or apple juice and you just scarfed down 1200 calories or so in one serving. And keep in mind all calories are not made equal. Saturated and cholesterol enhancing calories are threatening in comparison to vitamin C, fiber and calcium rich calories from fresh foods of the earth that grow from trees and roots and not wombs. So the goal is to increase healthful foods and reduce foods of mass destruction. The journey never stops. We must continue digging deeper while unlearning the lies and negative habits we were manipulated with since birth. Read more, watch more and listen more. Question everything and defend your newfound knowledge with valor! Eat clean, drink clean and certainly keep moving!