Thank you  for your interest, participation and support of the African American Male Wellness Walk Initiative (AAMWWI) now in its 13th year. Founded by Mr. John Gregory of the National Center for Urban Solutions, this effort to bring awareness to health disparities affecting African American men in Ohio has become a NATIONAL INITIATIVE, spreading rapidly across the country.

The AAMWWI has provided thousands of free health screenings across the state of Ohio, resulting in recognition from President Barack Obama, and August being declared as ‘African American Male Wellness Month’ by Governor John Kasich of Ohio. In 2016 the momentum spread to include 9 events, involving 10 cities. The overall health and wellness of the community is dependent on the health of our men. African American males are dying from preventable diseases at nearly 10 times the rate of other men, and it is this fact that drives the mission of the AAMWWI. It is our responsibility to raise awareness, educate, and guide our men to avenues of better health. HEALTHY MEN MAKE HEALTHY FAMILIES!!!