IMG_2620Yes, Fit Fathers knocked out another 13.1 mile run at the Rock ‘n’ Roll Arizona 1/2 Marathon today with Team Mazda. It felt great accelerating with thousands of other hungry athletes staying in great shape and health while running for worthy causes. The half marathon was also a positive plus since we broke our PR by 2 minutes in the process (1:50); all while operating on clean, green fuel.

Mazda USA was the official automotive partner and has signed on for a cadre of Rock ‘n” Roll races across the country. Their #GameChanger theme was perfectly timed as everyone put their all into the marathon series. However, the #GameChanger of the day might have been Dr. Dribble who ran an entire half marathon handling two basketballs within a 2-hour window. Team Mazda consisted of Fit Fathers, Fit Mom Diet, Carspondent and Mazda’s very own Tamara Mlynarczyk and lightening fast Eugene Kim who is known to finish 13.1 miles in 90 minutes. We’re certainly looking forward to the next race!  What’s your next challenge?

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