Spinning ClassJarvis Bradley

In the fall of 2010 I had a freak running accident that led to a knee surgery to repair a torn meniscus. During the two months leading up to the big day I had gained what I thought was an enormous amount of weight.  After it was all said and done I tipped the scale at 205 pounds. To some, that weight on a 5’11 frame is minor, but to me it was ridiculous and totally unhealthy.  Following my doctor’s orders after the surgery to rehab the knee with low impact exercises, I turned to spinning also known as indoor cycling. In a matter of three months I lost 25 pounds and dropped down to my original weight of 180 pounds and felt absolutely amazing. 

For this reason I stuck with the regimen and now have made it my fitness routine of choice. Here are the four benefits you will experience when spinning:

Low Knee Impact

Spinning is a low impact exercise which means it takes the pressure off the knees and joints.  For those who have knee issues, shin splints, back pain, or other joint concerns that come from pounding the pavement or other high aerobic exercises, spinning is a great activity that lowers the risk of injury or re-injury. It’s also a great rehab methodology.

High Calorie Burn = Weight Loss

The key to burning calories is work output.  The harder you work/exercise the more calories you burn. Research has found that spinning can increase your heart rate to 80%, which is considered excellent for weight reduction. When work output is high weight loss occurs. You have the potential to burn anywhere between 500-600 calories when participating in a 45-60 minutes spin class. Of course those numbers can increase depending on the instructor and the level of wheel resistance.

Muscle Tone

It’s obvious that the more you use a muscle, the stronger and toner the muscle becomes. It’s not rocket science. Spinning will definitely strengthen and tone your legs. In addition to toning, it will also bolster your core muscles which are the abs and the mid and lower back.

 IMG_8228Improves Cardio Endurance

Cardio endurance is paramount for sustained exercise activity. The muscles need oxygen to function efficiently. The faster your heart pumps blood through your system, the more oxygen is transported to those muscles to maintain and function properly during the activity. Thus, spinning is a brilliant way to improve your cardiovascular system. Being consistent to spinning will eventually enhance your lung’s ability to inhale (increases oxygen intake) and will strengthen your heart’s ability to pump blood to the muscle (delivering oxygen).

Enjoy the ride!