Many fathers and their families are looking to get in shape but they are in need some extra support and guidance. CALIBER offers 1-on-1 online fitness coaching with expert personal trainers. With a primary focus on strength training, CALIBER online coaches help their clients transform into the best, strongest versions of themselves – both inside and outside of the gym.

CALIBER coaches design fully customized workout and nutrition programs based on their client’s goals and preferences. All training takes place via the CALIBER app, and members can reach out to their trainers anytime with the tap of a button. In addition, CALIBER coaches regularly do comprehensive progress reviews for their clients, and adjust their fitness programs to keep them on track for amazing results. CALIBER has helped thousands of men and women from all over the world achieve their fitness goals faster than they ever thought possible.

The secret behind these quick results is in CALIBER’s unique training methodology. While most of the fitness industry is busy promoting the latest trends and fads, CALIBER relies on science-backed training programs that are extremely effective for building strength and burning fat. These programs are based on mastery of fundamental strength training exercises, like the squat, deadlift, and bench press, with a focus on consistent improvement week after week.

CALIBER’s mission extends beyond just physical transformations. CALIBER members see benefits from their fitness journeys in every area of their lives, from their relationships to their careers, as they’ve become more confident in themselves and their ability to reach their goals. The Oxford Dictionary defines “caliber” as “the quality of someone’s character or the level of their ability”. And that’s exactly how CALIBER wants to improve members’ lives: by showing people that when you commit to your fitness plan, you will become the best version of yourself.