The blessings of being a father are not something I can fully express in just a few words. I have had the privilege of raising, molding, and training two wonderful kids that are now young adults. I’ve learned plenty, been right, wrong, humbled, and so much more. Yet, what I’m proud of most is that both of my children will be productive people in society. They are compassionate, giving, respectful, and represent their family with honor and integrity. What more can a Fit Father ask for?

I love the fact that both my son and daughter have a unique “name” for me. I’m father to one, and the other calls me pops. Those are terms of endearment that exemplify the relationship we have. Through it all, I’ve learned that sometimes I take on mentee roles instead of the mentor. 

My fellow football teammate at Georgia Tech, Kimatni Rawlins, coined the “Fit Fathers” phrase and inspiring movement on so many levels. I’ve come to the realization that I wish to be around to watch my grandchildren grow and interact with them physically as they embark upon their young athletic endeavors. I have visions of running with, exercising with, and chasing them around, which requires a healthy and fitness-focused lifestyle. I was not fortunate enough to live with these experiences as a kid due to my grandparent’s limited mobility. 

Fit Fathers is a constant reminder that the body’s consumption of nutritious foods and exercise are essential and a difference-maker. My household has taken on the Fit Family mantra, endeavoring to enjoy each other for as long as possible. Accordingly, becoming intentional about nourishment and fitness is the key to doing just that. 

Carlos Smith, Fit Fathers

Senior Marketing Rep, Federated Insurance