downloadAs a father to my 1 year old daughter it has become both important and imperative that I make my own health and fitness a priority. This will allow me to become a great example since no one wants to be the guy huffing and puffing when chasing their little ones around the park. Additionally, I believe too many parents become static observers of the child’s growth and activity when they should be taking part and involving themselves more than they actually do.

Fit Fathers has become an invaluable asset to me in my first year as a dad. Not only as a source of information and awareness for health and fitness, but as a motivation to keep moving and to go above and beyond what I may think my limit is, something every father hopes to see as a virtue in their kids.

I now find myself living by the mantra “stay active, eat well, and energize your life,” and it’s something I want to one day exemplify to all of my kids and grandkids alike.