DSC_8022Looking for your next adventure? Obstacle races have become extremely popular. Races like Tough Mudder and Spartan take place weekly throughout the country. These types of races bring new challenges to those who have the courage to compete in them and allow people to test their fortitude and stamina!

It occurred to us to create an event that takes place in dynamic cities throughout the United States. Run through city streets while attempting to conquer challenging obstacles that do not include water, mud, electrocution, or barbed wire. Besides who really wants to risk getting electrocuted, suffer cuts by barbed wire, or ruin a great pair of shoes in disgusting dirty mud? Our race will feature energetic, fun, intense, and clean obstacles! Join active residents of vibrant cities and run through city streets with amazing backdrops of the hosting city’s skyline!DSC_7634 - CopyThe mission of City Challenge is to enable you to have the most exciting day of your life…period. Our events are the ultimate opportunity to push your physical and mental limits, have a great time with friends and family, bond with co-workers, and just have an all around great time at our event!

When you register for one of our events you will get a chance to run a course filled with over 15 obstacles intended to be fun and challenge your comfort zone! Our course is designed with obstacles constructed by an experienced crew of obstacle racing contractors and engineers. Some of the obstacles include: walls to get over, water jugs to carry, 20 lb rocks to carry in sand, ropes to climb, monkey bars, cargo nets to get over, and many more. We will not have water, mud, electrocution, or fire at our events. And unlike the other guys, we hate to see back-ups on our courses so we limit each wave of runners to 200 racers to avoid overcrowding. In short our events strike the perfect balance between fun and physicality. It is a great way to test your athleticism. Participating in City Challenge Obstacle Race will be the most fun ass-kicking of your life!

DSC_8364City Challenge Obstacle Race will be raising money for various charities including the Susan G Komen For The Cure Foundation. Susan G Komen is dedicated to combating breast cancer at every front. Participants can make donations during registration and City Challenge will also be making a contribution to Susan G Komen for the cure North Jersey Chapter. Fun, entertainment, fitness, and helping others combined in one!

For a race near you visit City Challenge Race
The Jersey City race begins May 17th