Cranky-Monkey-MTB-Race-SeriesPhoto by Swim Bike Run Photography

Take on the Cranky Monkey to experience some of the best mountain bike race venues in the Mid-Atlantic! These races are packed full of action with cross country and endurance options so that you can find the perfect class for you, weather you’re new to the sport and want to test your limits at nine miles or a pro who wants to crank out as many miles as possible within six hours. Race individually or make it a group event and race with a team of two or three in a relay fashion.

Venues include the fast flow track of Schaeffer on April 30th, the hidden jewel of Quantico Marine Base on May 28th, the brand new night cross country race on June 18th, and the twisty fun of Rosaryville on June 19th. Aid stations are along the course for support along with plenty of post-race refueling to celebrate your accomplishments. While you’ll be having a blast, you’ll also be giving back to the trails, as all the net proceeds from the event are given back to the trails.

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