Experienced by Kimatni D. Rawlins

Well, this is the second of such trips where I split my two girls up for a one-on-one session with their Fit Father to create individual memories and experiences. I leave all work behind while letting them choose the destination and timing, as well as their respective itineraries. It’s all about them.


The first Daddy and Daughter escape was in Los Angeles, California back in November with my oldest (13 years old) so she could visit Flight Club to cop a pair of Jordan sneakers. Being a teen she isn’t as expressive to me as I would like but my wife said Mika was overjoyed with the fond getaway. I’m sure they both will reflect back on these moments and recognize the sacrifices and energy I put forth into their well-being and happiness.


My youngest, Aya (10 years old), chose Ft. Lauderdale, Florida to return to her favorite bean burger sliders at one of our featured vegan restaurants dubbed Sublime. We escaped an ominous, freezing Maryland weekend to seek the heat and water in the Sunshine State. The tropical weather was impeccable for our long, energetic weekend and allowed me to set up a multitude of activities including running, biking swimming, holiday gift shopping, watching “Star Wars: Rogue One,” eating healthy at vegan café Green Bar and the aforementioned Sublime restaurant, hitting the beach and visiting Barnes & Noble for continuous education on new topics. With Trump winning the Oval Office she is currently into a political mindset (reading JFK and Obama) and wants to know all about America’s presidential history and how we can avoid future gaffes.


Since our family virtues are based on healthy living and optimized fitness goals Aya and I ascertained that each day we knocked out at least two exercises. For example, we took out one of the bikes from the Westin Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort so she could ride while I ran 3 miles. Upon return we hit the resort’s Heavenly Spa and Gym for strength training and then played and swam in the pool. Not only did these activities keep us fit on the road, but allowed us to enjoy more of our favorite veggie dishes without guilt. Also, Aya is on a competitive jump rope team — Greenbelt Sity Stars — and doesn’t leave home without her precious rope which she said is akin to Wonder Woman’s lasso. So that was another added activity for calorie burning.


daddy-and-daughter-holiday-getaway_fit-fathers_19Of course most of these activities were accomplished in our attention grabbing “Go Mango” hued 2016 Dodge Charger R/T SCAT PACK set up by my friends at Chrysler and Prestige. As some of you may know we here at Fit Fathers also test drive and write reviews on the latest vehicles for our followers. Aya grew up on Speed Racer, Pixar’s Cars and Fast and Furious so the SCAT PACK was perfect for the occasion. Of course the festive paint job was a conversation piece, especially with the Westin valet attendants who couldn’t stop talking about the vehicle while the 6.4-liter V8 SRT HEMI roared around town like a prowling lion. If you put the domestic sedan in “sport” mode — as I did often — while downshifting for authoritative acceleration you’ll see why a muscle car is a must for your garage collection.


Actually, the weekend didn’t fly by like it usually does when you’re having fun. Never did we have to rush to accomplish our mission for each specific time period. On our final day I booked an evening flight so it truly felt like a 3-day weekend. daddy-and-daughter-holiday-getaway_fit-fathers_09After hitting the Galleria Mall Aya and I ordered some food and then ventured to the park to read and people watch. Yet, both of us were just as excited to return home to the other half of the Rawlins family.

The bonding has been fun, amazing and emotional. A father’s job is to create, protect, educate and lead. I’m blessed to be in this wondrous position. One Love!