The meaning of fatherhood to me translates to leadership. As Fit Fathers, we are our child’s first heroes, role models, and ultimate protectors. As a father of three strong and intelligent sons, I know how heavy my responsibilities are and recognize the importance of leading by example. I learned early that my kids are always watching me, so I make conscious decisions to move with integrity, confidence, and love. For instance, I discipline them when they disobey; I hug them when they are sad; I allow them to cry, but I also encourage them to wipe their tears and learn from the situation that triggered that emotion.

Fatherhood is one of the most complex roles a man can have but also the most rewarding. The communication, friendship, and love I have with my sons are unconditional. They are my best friends and confidants.  My boys are fully aware that I won’t just point them in the right direction but will lead them in the right direction. Fatherhood is leadership in the first degree.

Danny Crawford – Versatile Fitness, LLC