Amazing fathers were all I ever saw in my family while growing up. Whether they were fathering their own or upbringing children who were not biologically related to them, these men always made certain that the kids felt their nurturing presence. When the time came for the blessing of my first two children, honestly, the task was a struggle. They lived in two different states, rendering it challenging to experience the reflection of those remarkable father figures within myself because I could not bodily be in their lives every day. 

It took some time to realize that being a Fit Father is not a cookie-cutter role. It means giving your best self to your children no matter the challenges that come your way. I learned that I have to be in a constant state of growth and show up for my children in various degrees of need. I’m not perfect by far, but I’m happy that I’m a force in their lives and that they love me through it. So fatherhood is about building a legacy of modeling love, respect, determination, and responsibility. 


Jay Rayford = #BetterTogether


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