TrailsforYouth.Org (TYO) had lots of smiles today, despite the chilly wind, 10 kids were thrilled to have the opportunity to bike the trails. Even more special was that many were riding brand new Diamondback Bicycles, instead of the 10 year old bicycles commonly found in TrailsforYouth.Org’s fleet. Thanks to Diamondback, that will soon be changing. The two organizations entered a multi-year agreement to ensure that the aging equipment used by TrailsforYouth.Org would be replaced with new equipment that will keep kids outdoors and active on the dirt trails. Will is just one of the kids who wouldn’t get the chance to dirt ride since he doesn’t own a mountain bike butut thanks to Diamondback Bicycles and TrailsforYouth.Org, he has already gone on two rides this month and was the first child to use one of the new bikes. “It was fun, I really like this trail and this bike” he said out of breath after the days ride.

“Diamondback Bicycles sponsorship is wonderful” states Julie Childers, Executive Director of TrailsforYouth.Org “and will help us to continue to provide opportunities to the at-risk youth in our programs; opportunities they wouldn’t otherwise have due to their socio-economic and living situations.” The bicycles are part of a multi-year sponsorship, aimed at providing equipment to help introduce more kids to the natural environment.

“Diamondback believes in supporting the admirable work that TYO does to create healthier lives for the at-risk kids in the community” states James Weigand, Corporate and Teams Program Manager for Diamondback. “Our bicycles will provide the tools and building blocks for these kids to get healthy and get outdoors while learning a new skill.”

Diamondback will provide new bicycles for the next two years so that TYO can replenish their now aging fleet of cycles. Since TYO’s inception in 2002, they have provided over 10,000 opportunities for outdoor nature adventures to at-risk youth. “These bicycles are a much needed infusion into our aging fleet” states Childers, “and the coolness factor of the Diamondbacks helps appeal to their teenage senses.”

TYO will lead over 125 events this year. These Diamondback bicycles will help the at-risk youth experience the joys and thrills that come from seeing birds, turtles and enjoying the challenges of the trail obstacles while also learning the importance of connecting to nature. TYO uses these opportunities to provide mentoring messages to the hundreds of at-risk youth they work with, so the events provide both health and mental benefits to the at-risk kids. To many kids, this is their only outlet for experiencing the nature trails nearby. Frequently they are not allowed to venture out to the park without supervision and their parents or guardians are working multiple jobs to make ends meet. TYO provides the bridge for these kids to experience a simple bike ride in the park, skipping stones and connecting to nature. As one child recently exclaimed; “Is that a turtle? I’ve never seen a turtle before!”

“We believe our programs are important to the future of the local kids and our parks. Having continued support from business leaders like Diamondback Bicycles, allows us to provide important services to the community youth and families,” says Childers.

For more information:
Trails for Youth.Org (www.trailsforyouth.org) is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization that serves the Northern Virginia area. The organization’s mission is to mentor at-risk youth and provide opportunities for all children to experience nature along with the joys and benefits of being active outdoors. Our motto is “Teaching Kids to Overcome Obstacles on the Trail and in Life!” For more information about TrailsforYouth.Org: www.trailsforyouth.org

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