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The statement “you are what you eat” is all too true. In fact, how I fuel and nourish my temple influences 90% of my decision making processes as it relates to choice of activities, energy levels, physical appearance and positive vibrations. Foods have a way of affecting your temperament, which can lead to positive lifestyle choices or negative patterns. I choose to flow with the natural current of life which encompasses pure 1-ingredient foods that grow from trees, roots and plants and not born from wombs; daily movement; drinking mostly alkaline water, herbal decaf teas and freshly pressed juices from my Omega VRT; and practicing mindful thinking. Each and every day I wake up feeling amazed!

Think about it, 22 years ago I played the running back position at Georgia Tech in Atlanta where the focus was selfishly administered. The coaches fed the players like factory-farmed cattle trying to buff us up with heavy meats, dairy, enriched pastas and hormone-inducing and processed protein powders. Literally, we were science experiments with only one goal in mind: become the fastest and strongest players in Division 1 football. Yes, I bulked up to the size of The Hulk (from 200 pounds in high school) but was immobile, stiff, injury prone and couldn’t run more than a mile at the time. Coincidence? No sir. We were brainwashed to eat foods that provided short, momentary muscular gains and those that increased strength, but didn’t offer long-term cellular sustainability, healing powers or chronic disease prevention. Kimatni_Rawlins_Fit_Fathers..... 004It amazes me still that powerhouse programs and highly accredited educational institutions have athletic programs that are run by coaches, trainers and physical educational staff that have little or no experience in the field of nutrition. Protein Powders? Come on, that stuff is no good for our bodies. Not only does the processed formula rob the bones of calcium, but the isolated macronutrient stresses the organs because nature intended food to work cohesively with all of its other components (complex carb, protein, healthy fats, minerals, vitamins, etc.). You simply cannot pull out the protein directly from a natural food source and expect the body to function normally down the road. Yes, for those four years or so you can successfully pull it off, but what is of most importance? For me it’s health.

Now at age 40 I run marathons, can still bench 405 pounds (college max) when I train, run a 20:50 5K and knock out 30 pull-ups straight. Of course I owe this performance level and quick recovery turnaround to my 80/10/10 plant-based diet. Once I studied and learned that we only needed 5% to 15% of our daily calories to manifest from protein on average, and the majority of our calories from complex carbs/starches everything changed. I have energy for days and many of my friends are too bashful to run or challenge me to any sort of endurance barometers. This level of physical greatness has restored my confidence, my speed, my strength and above all my health. Now I’m back to my high school weight of 200 pounds, do not calorie count, rest 8 hours a day and continue to smash challenges I couldn’t even fathom as an elite college athlete.

Kimatni_Rawlins_Fit_Fathers..... 010Today the majority of foods I eat are complex carbohydrates such as oatmeal, vegetables, fruits and whole grains like kasha and millet. The little protein I do need stems from foods such as quinoa, tempeh, tofu, cruciferous veggies and legumes. Omega 6 fats come from nuts, seeds and avocados and Omega 3 from walnuts (only nut with Omega 3), flaxseeds, chia seeds and hemp seeds. Oh, absolutely no endothelia damaging fats and viscous blood so no oils either. I want my blood flowing freely like rivers. The goal is to reach alkalinity to thwart off and limit risk factors for major diseases such as Cancer, Heart Disease and Strokes.

The formula is right in front of our faces. Don’t let societal habit, envious friends, endless work hours or that term “everything in moderation” throw off your balance to positive and sustained change. Think like animals in the wild who eat what their bodies were designed to eat and avoid pleasure traps not intended for them. Sometimes our brains are just too smart for our own good. We are the only sentient beings that can convince ourselves that a “negative” equals a “positive.” Now what type of nutritional equation is that?

When we know better, we do better. Better yet, applied knowledge is power. One Love!

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