1425548_10202580109492815_1125885677_nBreakfast! People ask us all the time how do we stay healthy on the go and carry on about the challenges of eating outside the home. We beg to differ. How hard is it to order steel cut oatmeal with fruit, nuts, cinnamon and almond milk? This will keep us energized all morning as the complex carbohydrate infused meal releases glucose moderately while bacon, eggs, white toast and dairy will spike your blood sugar abruptly and before you even finish the meal. Lethargy will sink in as your gastrointestinal tries to break down and digest the heavy and hormone induced meal. It’s like chopping wood with an axe opposed to a chainsaw. A big salad will steady us at lunch and stir fried (no oils) or steamed veggies over brown rice or quinoa completes dinner. Fruit between meals and the challenge has been defeated. Easy as 1 2 3! The only excuses in life are the ones we self manifest.