Fatherhood means prioritizing time and being honest when you let things slip. It’s easy to jot a note down or set a digital reminder, but what’s challenging is truly giving that pre-determined task the dedication and focus it deserves whole-heartedly.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve let this bypass me on more than one occasion. The key is to notice when it transpires and put myself on blast when I’m too wrapped up in another task. For example, when one of my daughters says to me, “Daddy, I miss you,” but I’m sitting right next to her watching TV, that doesn’t mean she misses my physical person. Instead, it means she misses my attention. It’s difficult hearing that as a dad who thinks he’s putting in the required time; yet, time is precious and our kids are fully aware of that more than we give them credit for.

Being a dad is challenging as we all arrived on this journey uniquely. So I’m grateful for the Fit Fathers that were my role models, whether blood-related or friends. I’m also appreciative for the women (wife, grandmas, mom, teachers, etc.) in my life that helped shape, and continue to shape, the man I have become. Sometimes I got it right, and most often, those experiences became teachable moments.

For now, I’ll listen to that voice in my head that reminds me what I should be focusing on for that particular moment in time. Though work life as an automotive publisher is fast, fun, and intriguing, aging and wisdom outweigh career motivation and entices me to slow things down to enjoy life with the kids.

Ezekiel Wheeler

CEO, Auto Conduct