Kimatni_Fit_Fathers.JPGFit Fathers are always finding creative angles to involve their kids into daily fitness routines. Now is the time to set the example of what healthy living is all about. In fact, it becomes no surprise that the child will soon become the motivator.

Children are like robots, they emulate everything their parents do. If dad eats burgers and fries, the child will eventually begin requesting burgers and fries. If mom runs 3 miles every other day it can be very much assumed that her son or daughter will consequentially pick up the running bug. So the mission is to establish a foundation based on continuous positive actions that showcase the lifestyle of an active, energetic and healthful family. Such examples include:

  • Filling up the shopping cart with fruits and veggies first and staying away from GMO contaminated junk foods.
  • Making fruit smoothies as a reward for good behavior or household chores.
  • Buying your child a new pair of running shoes to encourage them to move as much as possible.
  • Drinking mostly water instead of sugary, non-nutritional beverages.
  • Cooking together so they understand the benefits of fresh, whole foods and where vitamins, minerals and antioxidants come from.

Parker_Fit_FathersCertainly you want to become their mini trainer by exercising together and breaking down a few core principles in the gym or home garage. Controlling their own body weight is one such indicator. Push-ups, sit-ups and pull-ups establishes this ground rule very quickly. Boxing routines with the punching bag and jump rope proves their energy levels and sustainability. “Two minutes never seemed so long” is the expression they always emanate. A few exercises we enjoy with the kids while using their body as weights comprise squats, lunges, crunches and dips. Besides, both boy and girls love being picked up and tossed around so you will never have a problem enticing them to volunteer.

Other typical fitness activities we like are running while they bike ride, volleyball, soccer, sprints in the backyard, swimming, basketball and simply walking and talking to see what their young minds are thinking! Whatever your passion for sweat involves, please make sure to include your sons and daughters!

Squats_Fit_Kids_Fit_Fathers Squats_Fit_Fathers Sit_Ups_Fit_Fathers Fit_Fathers Crunches_Kids_Fit_Fathers Crunches_Fit_Fathers Bike_Riding_Fit_Fathers _Fit_Fathers Bikes_Fit_Fathers.JPG