Experienced by Kimatni D. Rawlins

Welcome to Fasting Friday, where we will allow the body’s organs to heal, rest and recharge by way of abstinence from food for a 24-hour period.

Each week, commencing at sunrise on Friday mornings, the plan is to drink only warm water (preferably with the juice of freshly-squeezed lemons), decaf herbal teas and coconut water for those who will exercise. The goal is to release toxins, strengthen life force, help reduce adipose fat, bolster self-control and reinforce brainpower. 

Fit Fathers chose Friday because it’s the start of the weekend and usually the time where our thoughts are diverted towards worldly activities as opposed to spiritual ascension. Thus, if one can fast on a Friday, his/her mentality will focus on self-education to withstand lifestyle habits that weaken and diminish the mind, body and soul as opposed to those that enliven them.

Two of our favorite teas are organic turmeric ginger and organic dandelion root because both are packed with antioxidants and overall may support healthy digestion, reduce inflammation and improve the liver’s many cleansing functions. Duly note to refrain from adding sugars or sweeteners.

Therefore, feel free to join us every Fasting Friday from now on or pick one, two or three days out of the month to give your temple the much-needed respite it deserves. Over time you will be rewarded with the vitality needed to function efficiently in this over-stimulated world.

“In truth the only way to health and happiness, and the sanest way, is self-control. To be master of yourself, so that you are not overpowered by your senses, is one of the greatest blessings you can have. When you refrain from overeating, and when you fast, the life force takes rest and becomes recharged.” – Paramahansa Yogananda, Indian Yogi and Guru