Fathers Incorporated Announces Multiple Events Leading Up To National “Save Our Sons” Night

On Friday, February 6, 2015, the first annual NATIONAL SAVE OUR SONS NIGHT will take place across the country. On this evening, various partners from education, the faith community, national and local nonprofits, to individual families and community members are organizing to encourage fathers to find ways to spend more quality time with their sons and to model healthy behaviors for them.

According to Kenneth Braswell, Executive Director of Fathers Incorporated and Director for the National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse, “We’ve come to learn that quality time with our children is more valuable to their wellbeing than our money. With the recent devastating events around the country involving Black boys and men, it is time to show a different kind of action – one that reveals the engaging, caring, and healthy relationships between fathers and sons in all of our communities. An image that says as fathers, we are not willing to sacrifice or lose our sons.” If you would like to join this national movement, visit www.saveoursonsnight.com for further information and to be listed as a partnering organization. Currently there are 34 organizations (7 national) in 19 cities registered to participate.