By Kimatni D. Rawlins


Remaining healthy is a mantra of mine through and So far, I have stuck to my New Year’s resolution of exercising every day in 2020. The only thing that can stop me is me. As long as I avoid sickness and injury, I will complete the next few life enhancement months. Here are a few keys to wellness success:

1) Add the daily workouts to your calendar and treat them like business appointments
2) Switch up the routine, so boredom doesn’t kick it. Cycle, run, box, hike, or play sports with your kids
3) Rise early and knock out the goal right away. If you wait until later, then excuses could take precedence, or you may be compelled to rush through the routine
4) Challenge a friend weekly so you can inspire one another
5) Invite friends on runs, walks, or rides so you can hold one another accountable
6) Reward yourself after each set with a fresh bowl of fruit
7) Use a fitness device such as an Apple Watch to help track your progress. There is nothing more exciting than seeing the caloric data from your activities

As you know, regular exercise can make you smarter, think more transparent, and help reverse memory decline. The consistent movement also stimulates the heart to pump more blood, oxygen, and glucose to the brain. Keep elevating people!