“Father” was never a word I thought would ever be associated with me. I was an “out of control” youth, and deep down, I knew having a child meant commitment and responsibility.  Now I can say honestly reveal that those adjectives are understatements!


Being a Fit Father became the most important designation of my life.  My daughter has inherited my blood, and my entire life revolves around her needs. This premise includes affording her all the options I had and didn’t have.  This profound role made me realize my mortality, knowing that God willing, I will not be here for the entirety of her years. But I must set her up for success in a continually changing and unforgiving world. She is my cause, and no matter what happens, I will always be a dad, Isla’s dad.

I must protect, not shield, Isla from the good and bad things of this world. I must provide for, but in the same breath, not spoil her. She must know she is a beautiful Black Queen and the responsibility of this role. My duties as a father are never-ending, and I must convey how to navigate a society that may not initially value her. I must become a man I may not initially have been before she was born, but one I know she will model after when she comes of age and looks to build a life of her own. I must be consistent and omnipresent in her life; not because I want to be, but because I am.

I am her FATHER and the paradigm by which she will judge every other man. My world is now HER world, and it is incumbent upon me to make it the best as heavenly possible.


Cheran Rollins, Dupont Team Leader