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 Saturday June 18th, 2016 — 9:00 am

Fanuel Park

4000 Fanuel Street, San Diego, CA 92109



 RYB2014Join Fit Fathers for its inaugural Fit Fathers Day celebration with Pacific Beach Training during Father’s Day weekend. Bring your family to this fun-for-all workout and lead by example so your child becomes the example! Show your family how much they mean to you by taking care of your mind, body and soul. Exercise is your opportunity to spend more quality time with your kids and prove to them that they are the most important part of our lives! We will meet at Fanuel Park for a 5-minute introduction from the trainers who will go over the the purpose of Fit Fathers Day and the overall vision. Next will be the 40-minute workout, cool down and stretching.  
IMG_20160326_091614Brought to you by Mazda, PCRM, Volkswagen, Whole Foods, REI, Bose, Nissan, Mothers Car Care, Road Runner Sports and Yokohama Tires, the Father’s Day celebration is an event to benefit Pediatric Cancer and promote good health. Eat clean, stay active and energize your life.

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