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Drills For Skills Sports Training OASIS

 3 Station (location) FUN Fitness Circuit

 Saturday June 18, 2016  10am – 12pm

Pemberton Township Nesbitt Center Football Field (1 Anderson Rd. Pemberton NJ 08015)


Brought to you by Mazda, PCRM, Volkswagen, Whole Foods, REI, Bose, Nissan, Mothers Car Care, Road Runner Sports and Yokohama Tires, the Father’s Day celebration is an event to benefit Pediatric Cancer and promote good health. Eat clean, stay active and energize your life.

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Drills For Skills Sports Training OASIS will host a 3 station FUN fitness circuit for the South Jersey participants. Starting at 10am, all participants are asked to meet at Pemberton Township  Nesbitt Center Football field.(1 Anderson Rd. Pemberton NJ 08015). There, we will participate in different exercises and games. Then all participants will be asked to drive a mile down the road to the Pemberton Township Baseball Sports Complex where we will take part in running challenges and games on the baseball diamond. Next the group will drive a mile down the road to finish our Fit Fathers Celebration at the Drills For Skills Sports Training OASIS.  Refreshments will be provided for the recovery and networking stage.

Drills For Skills Sports Training OASIS exists to motivate, educate and inspire people to reach optimal levels of performance in life. Our expert and passionate team is driven to transform lives by empowering people to reach their full potential.

Coach Omar Stinney welcomes everyone to the football field and Coach Don will lead the Baseball field activities.  Enjoy!