Health, whether bad or good is a choice we have control over. So, what we have here is a tofu scramble remix created for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It features a side of steamed, then air-fried sweet potatoes sprinkled with the immune booster cinnamon.

The scramble was layered on top of sprouted, toasted, whole grain bread, and topped with a tomato slice full of the antioxidant Lycopene which helps protect against breast and prostate cancer. The sautéed scramble (in a few table spoons of water) consists of:





-garlic powder

-1 block of organic, firm tofu

-nutritional yeast


-Himalayan sea salt

This plant-based meal is ripe with fiber, spices, protein, antioxidants, minerals, complex carbs, and vitamins. Plus, no animals were harmed. More healthy recipes at