There is always a reason to hit your local high school track for a quick or full social workout with a group of friends. This simple-to-plan fitness event can take place daily, weekly or monthly. For example, whenever visiting my hometown from Maryland I set up impromptu track and football workouts with my Eastern High School fam and Fit Fathers crew.

Recently I put out a request for a 90-minute set and a few good men responded along with our ladies and kids. That’s right, it wouldn’t be a Fit Fathers occasion without the participation of the young motivators. The girls ran 10 laps and joined us for stair work. We were all feeling amazed after slam balls, stadium stairs, ab work, 400-meter laps, 100-yard TD simulations, gassers, the battle rope, push ups and sit ups.  When it comes to communing for a positive purpose the motto is simple: No Excuses.

Moreover, our brother Che Rollins wasn’t going to let his newborn baby impede an energetic session with the fellas so he decided to lead by example and bring her along. In addition, Che invited his wife who also put in valuable sweat! It’s always a family affair.