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words by Healthy Black Men

Creating a healthier lifestyle in 2015 means weight loss for many people. So break down your weight loss goal into smaller, more attainable pieces. Like eating less pork and red meat and more fish and poultry, maybe incorporate a veggie-only day into your life. Weight loss is an excellent resolution to have in spite of how difficult it may seem. Losing weight can help thousands stave off heart disease, some cancers, and even depression.

10 easy steps to jumpstart your weight loss program.

1. Accept that weight management is an achievable goal. If you approach weight management with the concept that small steps will add up to make a big difference over time.

2. Make a plan to succeed. Take about a 10-12 “bad” food items (e.g. cookies, chips, etc.) plan to start eliminating 1-2 of these items each week from your grocery list. Watch the pounds drop and your wallet will grow.

3. Contact a nutritionist. Every individual should have a customized nutrition plan tailored to their age, weight, height, metabolism and activity level. A professional will dedicate time to working with you one on one.

4. Regular exercise for at least 30 minutes every day. Get your heart rate up and do it consistently. Schedule it if you need to, but do it.

5. Set realistic goals. Rapid weight loss that can’t be sustained only results in frustration. The goal should be to lose approximately 1-2 pounds every week.

6. Develop a support system. Some of the most accessible groups exist at Weight Watchers, Ediets.com and faith-based organizations. Inquire within your health plan for resources that also may be able to help you maintain your goals.

7. Weigh in regularly. Don’t be afraid of the scale. Every week you should check your weight in the morning before you get dressed on the same scale. Daily weigh-ins may be too much. See what works for you and do it.

8. Positive Reinforcement. Feel good about the weight loss success by allowing for small rewards not food related like a manicure, a massage, taking a scenic walk, purchasing a new CD, etc.

9. Congratulate Yourself. Weight loss is similar to a marathon that is not always won by leaps and bounds. Success should be acknowledged for sure.

10. Really, Really, Really Love Yourself. Whether you drop five or fifteen pounds, love yourself no matter your size. Affirm your efforts often, treat yourself with non-food items.