IMG_5185Kimatni D. Rawlins

Are you looking for a true, positive and life enhancing change in 2014? Well, try going vegan in this year with the Vegan Pro team. Choose your own timeline whether it’s 10 days, 25 days or 45 days. Vegan is love and the absence of meat, dairy, saturated fat, cholesterol, hormones, environmental contaminants and dead protein is the most profound choice you will ever make in your life. Many people say life without animal meat is extreme. Well, I say triple bypass from damaged endothelia cells or limb removal and blindness from Diabetes is extreme. Chronic and degenerative diseases are at their all-time highest and has left the country in a state of unprecedented sickness. The answer is elemental people. The American food system is killing us slowly and painfully and we are allowing it. Heart Disease, Diabetes, Strokes and most Cancers are almost entirely preventable when foods that grow from trees, roots and plants are chosen over foods that are born from wombs.

1499457_764318216916192_671571777_nThe equation is simple. Eat clean and drink clean daily. And who said moderation is the key? Animals don’t moderate. They eat redundantly what they are designed to eat. If you know that smoking causes cancer, why moderate? If you know that alcohol destroys the liver to a point of non-regeneration and cirrhosis, why drink?  This is not a temporary solution, clean and active living is our lifestyle. The body was built for movement and energy is bountiful when the proper foods are chosen. I’m looking forward to a Happy Healthy New Year with all of you in 2014! One Love!