Here are some of the amazing and traditional vegan foods we enjoyed in Kenya, Egypt and Ethiopia during the 6th Annual Nomadic Journey. Keep in mind that the staple food for mostly every indigenous culture is a legume (bean) or grain.

Our favorite culinary experiences included the Ethiopian veggie injera dish with lentils and cabbage and Egypt’s Koshari national dish which was divine. Koshari is a super meal made from macaroni noodles, lentils, rice, chickpeas and spiced tomato sauce. In Nairobi, Kenya make sure to pay a visit to the LMS Adventist Guest House for their magnificent $2.70 all vegan medley.

Additionally, the natives include fruits and veggies as an important part of daily life. Only in technological countries like America will you see incessant cravings for processed meat foods all day. Locals also tend to walk more and use their hands for physical activities so they stay fit naturally. Rarely did we see any obesity while exploring Africa. So, continue to strive towards healthier aspirations for life extension.