IMG_3302Obviously summer vacations have begun and everyone is having a ball swimming, riding, camping, flying to exotic destinations or simply sunbathing on the beach. Recently I took my family to Busch Gardens and Water Country in Williamsburg, Virginia. Of course the adults had just as much fun as the kids on the roller coasters and water rides. Yet, we didn’t let all the excitement override our summer health goals. Here are a few key road trip pointers to keep everyone focused.

  • Pack your own lunches and enjoy a picnic in the parking lot. Fruits, mixed nuts and almond butter and jelly sandwiches are perfect. The fast food at parks are not only expensive, but in most cases are not what we call real food! If you must have a salad.
  • Vacations are to relax the mind, not the body. In fact, this is the opportunity to energize even more since you have the free time. So don’t forget to pack your fitness gear. For example, my niece Kaira actually asked me to take her for a workout. Then my daughter and nephew followed suit. Amazing that I didn’t have to force them to fitness or even remind them to bring the proper attire.
  • It’s hot so bring or purchase water over sugary, acid forming and dye colored beverages. The goal is to prevent dehydration not stimulate a sugar high.
  • Negotiate with the kids on what is allowed and what is not. Do not let them take you for cotton candy at all or french fries every day.
  • Stop at a health food market and pick up the essentials for the hotel room. Water, oatmeal packets, whole grain bread, bananas, raisins, granola and popcorn.
  • Load the van or SUV with balls, bikes and rackets. There is nothing like family soccer or basketball challenges on the road. The winner gets to pick the evening’s movie of choice.