FitFathersDay-FINAL-IG with logosFit Fathers Day Movement to Globally Empower Dads and Male Role Models with Wellness, Health and Fitness Call to Action!

On Sunday, June 15, 2014 Fit Fathers Day will have little to do with ties, socks and cologne but will offer focus on the tools needed for long-term life enhancement. It’s important on Father’s Day and each subsequent day that dads and male role models spearhead this call to action by taking time out to engage in physical fitness with their families and employ healthy food choices.

Powered by Fit Fathers, Radio One, Mazda USA, WANADA, The Washington Auto Show, Volkswagen USA,, Under Armour, Vitacoco, The Marines, Mothers, Powerful Beyond Measure and PCRM, Fit Fathers Day is simply asking for the following commitment from fathers:

  • On June 15 enjoy one hour of energetic activities with your family such as a 5K to 10K run, family bike ride, soccer, hiking, ball games, swimming or a simple walk through the park with nature.
  • If you reside in the Nation’s Capital or surrounding areas join Fit Fathers and Radio One for a “Social Workout” at 11am at the Silver Spring Civic Center (Veterans Plaza) Downtown Silver Spring, MD (8525 Fenton Street). Rise early, enjoy a fruit smoothie or bowl of steel cut oats and bring the kids to the Pavilion for a few hours of excitement and a mini car show by Auto Fit, Throttle Life and Automotive Rhythms. The fitness session will be led by Kimatni Rawlins and will include 100+ families interacting socially and physically for Fit Fathers Day. Please RSVP.
  • After June 15th continue the family motivation with daily exercising, replace chips, cookies and soda with fruits, water and freshly homemade juices, cook more meals at home, eliminate fast food entirely, read and practice math with your kids, and reduce the amount of gaming and digital access your kids have while establishing a foundation based on outdoor adventures.


Statistics show that over a third of children in the United States are obese and recent studies suggest that fathers have the most influence over what children eat and what they do. “The time has never been better for Fit Fathers Day to manifest, says and Fit Fathers Day founder Kimatni D. Rawlins. “Instead of rewarding kids with popsicles and cupcakes, choose fruits, nuts, and healthy snacks that nourish their growing bodies. Ultimately, nutritional eating, a conscious focus on overall wellness, and regular exercise will keep us all breathing easy, running farther, swimming faster, cycling longer and laughing harder,” Rawlins adds.

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Today, please view the Fit Fathers Day video PSA so collectively the masses can positively impact lives and reshape what families think is important on Father’s Day and every day thereafter. The health video asks dads to spend more physical time with their kids and take an oath to become more proactive and active. The video resides on multiple social media platforms and is promoted through the hashtags #FitFathersDay and #FitFathers. Fathers will be able to win prizes from BOSE and Mothers Car Care by posting pictures and videos of family fitness activities on Father’s Day using #FitFathersDay.

“I share love and wisdom that truly strengthens the bond with my daughter.  We challenge each other in physical endeavors and with life lessons that bring us closer together while becoming teammates during the process.  I recommend every dad partake in Fit Fathers Day because it’s more than simply being active, it’s a lifelong relationship” says Marcellus Wiley, ESPN TV Analyst.

“As dads we must flex the right muscle and set a healthy example for our families,” stated Mike Tucker of “When I started to eat right and exercise my family followed suit. Fit Fathers Day is bigger than a holiday. It’s about life, so let’s help fathers live right.”

For more information visit and e-mail for interviews. CLICK HERE to view video.

A Word from Fit Fathers

PBM LogoHealth, fitness, nutrition and overall wellness are priorities for the extension of life. To achieve the balance of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients our bodies need, we must eat whole foods from the earth daily. In addition, appropriate nourishment helps us function properly, perform sustainably and effectively fight off the onset of degenerative diseases such as cancer, diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and more. Regular exercise is also vital. Just as the human body needs food and sleep, it also requires an active lifestyle to maintain muscle mass, strengthen bones, balance blood sugar, stabilize weight, circulate blood and regulate the metabolism. Eat clean, stay active and continuously energize your life!

A big thank you to Fit Fathers Day sponsors & partners!

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