IMG_0676Hello friends, family and Fit Fathers.

Well, it’s here, my first book experience. I would like to thank many of you such as Sally Eastwood, Warren Brown, Brian Armstead and a few more who kept me encouraged to write and share my passion for health, life enhancement and family strengthening. But of course it all wouldn’t have been possible without friend and publisher Martin Rowe who created the editorial opportunity. So if you are based in NY or the surrounding areas please do join Lantern Books, Fit Fathers and Vegan Pro at BookCourt (163 Court St, Brooklyn, New York 11201) Sept 24th at 6:30 pm for an evening of food and fun in celebration of the launch of Lantern’s new “Running, Eating, Thinking: A Vegan Anthology.”

Exploring the connections between running and veganism, and edited by Martin Rowe, “Running, Eating, Thinking” features pieces by 15 endurance athletes who reflect upon such themes as living lightly on the land, caring for other-than-human life, and connecting to our animal bodies.

IMG_0675Excerpt from my Chapter 7: Fit Fathers, Devoted Dads, page 104

Times were not always pleasant at the Rawlins residence in Camden, NJ, especially when it came to meal preparations. Sitting at the dinner table with my two younger sisters Sonya Rawlins and Shanna Rawlins, mother Lorraine Jones and stepfather Keith Jones was actually more of a game of monopoly — which we played often — since it required strategy. Keeping the fridge and cabinets stocked was problematic and lead to very few choices for mother to decipher from. We would vote on what was ideal based on the limited ingredients and supplied. Three out of seven days “breakfast for dinner” was the staple since she could always find a carton of eggs, milk, pancake mix and a few slices of pork bacon lying around. Actually, a BLT on toasted white bread layered with mayonnaise and a yokey fried egg was a delicacy. Other nights, mom would fry animal liver and serve with mashed potatoes or white rice and macaroni. I look back at those days and smile when my two daughters ask why we decided to go vegan. “Because vegan is love,” I always answer.

Kimatni D. Rawlins — One Love!