Fatherhood changed my life forever on December 9, 2004, when the love of my life Isabella Maria was born.  She is a part of me, my beautiful daughter. There is no better feeling than becoming a Fit Father. It’s a feeling that I wouldn’t change for the world.

Every day my duties are to make sure she’s safe, happy, cared for, loved, and protected. Isabella has only on my mindset 24/7 since birth. So I must raise and teach her how to survive and adapt to the world as I did, and prepare her to carry on when I’m not here someday. I always push her to be the best, smart, articulate, and to respect everyone. She has a kind heart, and I am forever thankful that she is mine.

Isabella is the world to me. She has her mind set on attending an Ivy League school and then becoming a doctor. So sweet, I love you Isabella!