Fit Fatherhood is an extension of manhood. I am fortunate and thankful for this opportunity, for some males will never receive this opportunity. And I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge and thank my Queen for giving birth to our children. 


The Original Man is the father (further) of civilization. I define being a father as a guide, protector, and provider to his children. Communication with my kids is the key to our relationship. I make it a point to listen so I’ll know how they understand things. Conversely, I showcase my expectations of them. I am the physical example of who and what a man should be. It is vital for “suns and daughters” to have strong relationships with their fathers. When the sun is growing up and maturing, he will have a guide in a father to see. As with daughters, when the father is active in their lives, they can use those experiences to make the best choices in relationships with other males.


I am a father who furthers (father’s) my family into greatness!