Rightfully so my last workout of 2018 took place with my 12-year old vegan warrior by my side emulating me stride for stride. When 2019 hit we picked up where we left off and went for a 4-mile nature run and some ab work. So the societal goal is to continue influencing our children with life enhancing habits such as daily exercise, mindfulness, releasing positive energy into the universe and clean eating with a focus on plants, fruits, whole grains, beans, nuts and seeds. And before you know it your kids will be encouraging you to go for a hike or suggesting herbal tea over coffee and water over sugary drinks. It’s a beautiful thing when you reach healthful enlightenment as a family unit. So here are my top suggestions for elevational change in the new year.

1) Schedule your workouts just as you would business appointments and other TTD items. Yet, make sure to add these fitness dates to your calendar and strive for at least five times a week. Invite friends and colleagues so you each can hold the other accountable. The body doesn’t like excuses and genuinely wishes for you to reach that 100-year old capability.

2) Alleviate procrastination by working on new goals immediately. Do not set a future date for positive change because when that day comes you will have allowed other influences to intervene. Begin the transformation as soon as the thought is manifested. Idle minds can become far too dangerous by inhibiting your fervor for upliftment. If you wish to stop drinking for example then stop today. Don’t say I will stop next month or after I drown this last bottle. The solution is simple.

3) This one is no stranger to habit evolution. Change your environment and your friends to mirror targeted goals. How do you plan to stop smoking if you hang around smokers? How will you eat more salads and quinoa if your work colleagues continue ordering fast food every day? Situate yourself in domains conducive to the new life you seek. Hang out and read at juice cafes, make a new friend at yoga or spin class, or spend more time with your fitness friends and less with your party buddies.

4) Try going vegan like I did or commit to eating less foods that cause chronic disease such as meat, dairy, processed sugars and salty foods. Heart disease is America’s number one killer (more than 500 thousand Americans die annually) and is initiated from clogged arteries. What clogs your veins you may be wondering? Ha, cholesterol and saturated fat which comes mainly from animal foods. So think like animals — who stick to the ways of their natural habitat — opposed to eating them because they will get the last laugh by damaging your endothelia. Simple mathematics.

5) Be more positive and kinder to people in 2019. A specific incident comes to mind while I was traveling home from Africa a week ago. As I was waiting off to the side before boarding I witnessed the pilot of our United flight curse out one of his female workers because she hadn’t received a text from him. I felt very bad because he was using jail language and kept berating her over and over. She didn’t deserve that in any case and was very apologetic for her phone not being charged. People, anger, rage, deceit and dishonesty do not solve problems. The resolution is open communication utilizing an open mind and an open heart.

Happy New Year and continue to shed One Love throughout your journey!!!