Fit_Fathers_Independence_Day_Social_Workout...14Do the Monday Mile!
The Monday Mile is a fun way to jump-start your week with a healthy dose of physical activity. Do the Monday Mile with friends, family and co-workers, and enjoy positive health benefits while socializing with others and making a commitment to stay fit throughout the week.
Monday Mile 101
Starting your own Monday Mile walking group is easy. Here’s everything you need to do to get going:
1. Map your Monday Mile route
Pick a starting point where your group will meet. Easily create a mile-long walking route using Nike GPS Plus, MapMyWalk or Gmap-Pedometer.
2. Announce your Monday Mile
If your school or workplace allows it, send an announcement via interoffice or school-wide email. Also consider creating a Facebook group for your Monday Mile group and encourage participants to join.
3. Consider marking your route with Monday Mile Markers
Before your Monday Mile, place markers at the ¼, ½, ¾ and 1 mile points.
5. Meet and Mile
Show up on time, greet participants and enjoy your Monday Mile!
6. Log those Monday Miles
Keep track of Monday Miles and exercise completed during the rest of the week. Even if you fall short of the 150-minute weekly activity goal, the next Monday is another chance to start again.
7. Thank everyone for participating
Send an office- or school-wide email thanking people for taking part and encouraging others to attend. Post a thank you on your Facebook group wall and tell members to share posts about the walk.
8. Encourage healthy competition
Organize teams of walkers or encourage individual group members to compete against each other to see who can walk the most each week. It’s easy to keep track of walking data using smartphone apps such as MapMyWalk and Moves.
Why Do the Monday Mile?
Can walking a mile really make a difference to your health?
Yes! The potential health benefits of walking at a moderate pace for at least 30 minutes a day are well established*. Simply by walking you can improve your cholesterol profile, blood pressure and blood sugar; lower the risk of obesity; feel more energetic; fight stress; and reduce the risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and breast and colon cancer.
Why a mile?
It takes the average adult roughly 30 minutes to walk a mile. The CDC recommends adults get 150 minutes of moderate physical activity each week. That breaks down to 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week. So by doing the Monday Mile, you’re taking the first steps toward meeting your recommended weekly exercise goal.
What about the other six days?
Keep moving! Remember, the CDC recommends 150 minutes of moderate physical activity each week. Use the Monday Mile to kick your week off with a healthy start, and then make it your goal to continue your healthy behaviors throughout the rest of the week. And if you don’t reach your goal, don’t stress. The next Monday is a new start and another chance to try again!
* American Heart Association