Representing fatherhood, while doing my best at becoming a Fit Father, means the world to me. Raising three healthy, thoughtful, and well-rounded kids is an incredible honor that comes with dedicated responsibility.

Parenting as a dad requires presence and involvement, so my kids have a strong foundation to grow upon and lean on. Essentially, I strive to be their rock. It means positively impacting them today to feel my love and compassion while encouraging strength and determination to follow each indefinitely.  It means guiding and exposing them to new experiences and cultures; teaching them about the world; attempting daily to be a shining example to emulate.

It isn’t easy, and I’ve made my share of mistakes. However, fatherhood has changed me forever. It has opened my heart in new ways, helped me be vulnerable and real, and made me continually strive towards a better representation of Self. I would have it no other way.

Steve Janisse, EVP, Weber Shandwick