Hello Fit Fathers and Vegan Warriors; meet Sherimane Johnson, Vegan Chef and founder of Night Owl Vegan. Hailing from NY but now based in the DMV (DC, Maryland and Virginia), her establishment provides vegan delivered catering for your next event or simply to empower your household with healthy sustenance. Her cuisine is 100% plant-based and devoid of all animal products. She focuses on flavors and the healing properties of herbs, spices, and produce. Sherimane also shies away from soy for those with allergies or who simply avoid it. Moreover, she  is  a vegan pastry chef at www.NaturallySweetDesserts.com. Her natural sweets are 100% plant-based, low in sugar, and soy free.  Many items are gluten free as well.

Night Owl Vegan information

https://www.NightOwlVegan.com      301-508-9858

Ordering process:

Updated menu is on the website on Mondays by 10 am

Ordering deadline is Thursdays at 5 pm

Orders are delivered on Sunday between 10 am and 2 pm. Delivery only, pick-up is not available.

Sherimane Johnson’s Plant-Based Journey

14 years ago, I began my journey with type 2 diabetes.  My experiences with increasing dosages of medication, a decrease in my quality of life and the lack of choices for healthy food in my community urged me to find a better way to live.  I discovered the healing benefits of a plant-based way of eating and it saved my life. As a result, I have lived a medicine free life for almost a decade.  NaturallySweet Desserts (vegan bakery) Night Owl Vegan (weekly vegan meal plan delivery service) and Plant Powered Shift (group and individual wellness coaching) were created to provide those seeking a better way to live with healthy, healing, and delicious vegan cuisine, confidence in their plant-based transition and partnership to achieve their wellness goals.

My beloved Grandma Eva passed away from type 1 diabetes.  At the time we did not understand the connection between food, illness, and medication.  We lived in a food desert with very little options except fried foods, pizza, Chinese take-out, liquor stores and bodegas. In addition, the doctor’s where very dismissive when we asked why she needed 16 different medications.  I believe the medicine was a contribution to her death.

My experience with diabetes had me going down the same path as my Beloved, over medication, doctors that were dismissive and food that was not good for my health.  M experience with lack, my journey with the frustrating and confusing world of chronic disease and my determination and intention to live a healthy life, so I could live to raise my kids, uniquely prepared me for the creation of my businesses.

Throughout the last 10 years we have participated as vendors in large vegan food events along the East Coast with up to 30,000 attendees per event.  These events provide us with more opportunity to demonstrate the benefits of a plant-based way of life.

I am committed to serving my community through sponsorships and collaborations with local organizations such as the Peace Advocacy Network, the Urban Tree Coalition, Philadelphia’s Sustainable Business Network and the Spicy Green Book.  that are focused on wellness, equity, food security and protecting the planet and all Her inhabitants

Eating plant based can be intimidating.  My goal is to make it approachable and delicious but to guide you in building confidence in your ability to create the healthy and vibrant life you want.  Each One Teach One – if each of my families teach their families about healthy eating, we can provide the tools to improve the wellness of our communities and elevate our world, one plate at a time.

I am a New Yorker living in Maryland, a Mom of 2 Millennial’s and a 10 year old fur baby. I love stand-up comedy, old school hip-hop (I was in high school when Rapper’s Delight came out!!), cooking and sunshine.