Experienced by Kimatni D. Rawlins

Today Fit Fathers was featured on Fox 5 DC’s Good Day DC segment to discuss the detriments of Dad Bods, which are not to be celebrated. Instead, the goal is to acknowledge your predicament and get to work with positive reinforcement. Increasing BMI disproportionately or adding fat to the abdomen, where major organs reside, can lead to chronic illness. Yep, Dad Bods can precipitate heart diseases, diabetes, fatty liver disease, strokes, etc.

Overall, a Dad Bod is counterproductive to the goal of what Fit Fathers should be striving for, which is a clean bill of health and the ability to retain stamina when playing with your children or going on family outings that involve physical activity. Moreover, kids emulate everything we do. Thus, the only way to halt the passing down of negative behaviors is to change the narrative and focus on daily, life-enhancing habits.

Top 5 Tips to Enhance Men’s Health:

  • Exercising on most days of the week, such as swimming, cycling, running, trail walks, mountain biking, racquetball, or tennis.
  • Reducing alcohol consumption drastically.
  • Consuming more fibrous foods such as fruits, greens, and whole grains.
  • Drinking water and herbal teas instead of sodas and sugary fruit drinks.
  • Cutting out fried foods completely.

Lastly, men love comradery. Instead of meeting for happy hour, mix it up with what we call Social Workouts. Connect with your colleagues for bikes rides, basketball, or a high school track workout on the weekends. We also envy other dudes when they make shifts from the norm. For example, if your best friend is getting ripped, then best believe you’re going to catch that bug too.

Please, stop uplifting Dad Bods and instead, “Stay active, Eat clean, and Energize your Life!”