Hello Fit Fathers, mothers and friends. We wanted to share with you an important campaign we are spearheading to the urge the creation of a federal Office of Men’s Health which would emulate the great work being done by the offices of women’s, children’s, and minority health and focus on critical health issues facing men.

Our goal is to gather 100,000 signatures on a public petition at by December 16. If we reach that threshold, the petition (below) is guaranteed a review and response.

We petition the Obama administration to create and fund a federal Office of Men’s Health dedicated to addressing health problems and risks faced by men

Fit Fathers and Men’s Health Magazine are calling on all men—and those who love them—to urge the creation of a federal Office of Men’s Health. This office would join existing federal offices tasked with safeguarding the health of women, children, and minorities. Men are in need of similar attention because of critical health issues specific to their gender: a higher risk of premature death from stroke, heart disease, and diabetes; heightened odds of addiction; and a higher risk of harming themselves and others. The Office could also create messaging about the importance of nutrition and physical fitness and address social issues such as men’s access to paid family leave in the workplace. Addressing these problems will improve the lives of everyone, and the economy as a whole.

You’re probably thinking, “Sounds great, —how can I assist?” Excellent question! Step 1: Sign the petition. Step 2: Help us spread the word on your social channels and various platforms. Some options:

* Link directly to the petition:  ( will redirect)

* Link to our story:

* Post our video message on Facebook: with a link to the petition

* Tweet the petition link ( ) and ask, “Who are you signing for? Tell us using #forallmen or #officeofmenshealth.”

Thanks in advance for any and all support!