milkWe all know the road to positive change can be daunting and far more challenging than expected. However, as a society, each individual must take heed to the bountiful information on nutrition, fitness, and life enhancement that is at our disposal to procure life everlasting health. After all, who wants to endure years of lethargy or suffer from incapacity due to disease or lack of motivation? Why wouldn’t you want to run through nature’s most captivating environments, swim in majestic waters when vacationing, or hike mountainsides while breathing fresh, clean air and drinking pure spring water.  The good news is that science and research have unearthed a cadre of bad habits that will negatively impact us in the future, while providing the pathway to many solutions. The body is complex but its requirements are simple. Foods that we have been told since childhood were good for us may not be! Fortunately, we need to “unlearn” this information and re-educate ourselves. For now, start prepping your lifestyle change by shopping for “foods of life” and clearing out your kitchen of “foods of mass destruction!” If you care about your health, body, and nutrition please continue reading.

dairy-cowAnyone in the field of health and nutrition knows the detriments of dairy on the human body. For this reason we suggest you cut it out completely. No excuses. Dairy is toxic to humans because it was meant for cows that grow from a calf to an adult in a short amount of time. Those are some powerful hormones! Yet, the cow never drinks milk again. Humans are meant to do the same with breast milk and then move on.  No other mammal drinks the milk of another mammal like humans do. Here are some inputs to think about:

  • Milk is fattening so it can grow a 30-pound calf into a 600-pound adult in four to six months. Afterwards the cow grazes on grass.
  • Milk is full of saturated fat, cholesterol, growth hormones, and possibly antibiotics.
  • Dairy, fish, and meat are some of the biggest foundations for Dioxins which are toxic environmental pollutants. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says 93% of Dioxins come from the meat industry.
  • Cheese is essentially the concentration of milk which has up to 80% of the protein casein. Cheese gets 70% of its calories from milk fat (mostly saturated which increases cholesterol levels) and contains many other hormones whose functions are unknown. Cheese also slows down digestion. Now why would you want that?
  • Dairy turns on insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1) which is an aggressive promoter of cancer cell growth.
  • Dairy is highly acidic and lower yours pH balance which in-turn causes more calcium to be pulled from the bones and teeth (if not readily available from digested foods) for neutralization which can lead to Osteoporosis over time.
  • When the body takes in too much protein there are greater odds of cancer cells latching on to dividing tissue.
  • Hormones in dairy help kids grow and reach puberty faster. The average age of menarche for girls has been reduced from 17 to 12 in the last century. Breast and prostate cancers are hormone based and kids have greater risks of developing these cancers and other diseases in adulthood if that individual had an unnaturally rapid growth and premature puberty.
  • The majority of the world is lactose intolerant for a reason — because dairy sugar is not meant for human consumption.
  • Cheese is loaded with sodium which encourages the passage of calcium through the kidneys and is lost in the urine.
  • Do you like cow puss and blood in your milk? We didn’t think so.
  • The human body retains more calcium and higher alkalinity when animal protein, sugar, sodium, and caffeine are reduced or eliminated. Green veggies, beans, tofu, sesame seeds, oranges, almonds, and more are all good sources of calcium.
  • Even 2% milk is 35% fat and whole milk is 49% fat!
  • Are you compassionate? Cows can live 25 years on average, but dairy cows live just 25% of their life expectancy since they are forced to pump milk continuously.

Drink and eat clean people!