Yes, if you’re attending the onsite portion of #FitFathersDay by Fit Fathers this Sunday at Veterans Plaza in Downtown Silver Spring, MD at 10 am EDT then expect a multitude of prizes totaling over $2,500. They include:

-100 book bags to the first 100 that arrive. These are provided by AAHP of Montgomery County. 

-100 packs of school supplies to go with those book bags.

-Bose Sport Open Earbuds which are perfect for running and gym workouts. 

-A set of passenger or SUV Michelin tires up to size 20.”

-SPACE JAM: A NEW LEGACY will host basketball challenges for kids to win HBO: MAX movie tickets and movie swag.

-Turtle Wax car care buckets full of shine products including their Bug & Tar Spray to clean the cicadas away from your ride. 

-Workout fitness sessions from Elite Bodies

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