Experienced by Kimatni D. Rawlins

Well, it’s quite apparent in this global era of wellness that we will all be spending more time at home to focus on safety. And with gyms and fitness clubs closed indefinitely, the next best remedies are to exercise outdoors and to convert home spaces into health solutions. So, why not exploit your garage to serve as a wellness center opposed to letting that valuable real estate go to waste storing items that have been idling for years.

I knew from the onset that my garage would not be housing automobiles; the driveway is suitable enough for this task. Quite naturally, I had a head start by constructing mines when I first moved in 14 years ago as an antidote to attain freedom from physical limitations. But don’t despair, here are a few suggestions to get the life-enhancing project underway.

First, move everything out to declutter and concentrate only on essentialism. Toss any old tools, storage boxes filled with clothes that can be donated, outdated electronics like large speakers, or incapacitated yard equipment such as that pesky gas lawnmower that hasn’t started in ages. The county’s local recycle center will become your best friend. Clean the floors with a push broom or even have them painted with epoxy floor coating for a refreshing finish. The area allocated for the fitness component should be covered with rubber matting to protect the concrete. Both Home Depot and Lowes have solutions for you. Next, only move in the items that are necessities. Send the rest to the dump, donate, or list on an online selling platform under “free.”

After executing the vision, target the type of workouts that suit your lifestyle and the conditioning level you wish to attain. Individuals concentrating on strength training, for example, will require bench press equipment, a curl bar, a trap bar, and 45-lb plates. I have all of the above stemming from my running back days at Georgia Tech. Currently, I involve high-intensity interval training, cardio, and strength training with lighter weights into daily activity. Homeowners can order most of the essentials from Amazon. Make sure to attach one or more mirrors to the walls because we become vain once the flexing begins. Trust me; everyone thinks they look good in a mirror, and the confidence boost may ultimately bring more intensity to your routine. My wife is an aerobics addict and only requires a mat and her fitness app which she views after attaching the phone on the mirror. Again, Lowes has what you need.

A few pieces to consider are a power tower, medicine ball, slam ball, jump rope, yoga mat, dumbbells, a step platform, resistance bands, a battle rope, and a small bench for ab work, reverse dips, and presses. If you have young athletes in the family, then a plyometric jump box will be advantageous for working on their vertical hops. At 46, I am proud to say I can still leap atop the highest level (30”), but am always conscientious of the Achilles tendon. My 13-year old daughter plays volleyball and basketball so box jumping drills are imperative for her spiking and rebounding performance.

Two other vital pieces of equipment involve a spin bike for times when it’s raining outside or too dark or cold to hit the road. I like warm-up rides for ten to twenty minutes before total body training. Look online for a sturdy, used spinner. Now, you may as well be the proud owner of a Peloton which has caught the attention of the masses, yet of course, one wouldn’t want to bring something so precious, so expensive, and so fragile into the garage. We keep ours in the living room where the TV is available for screencasting.

Lastly, a heavy bag should be on your radar, whether it’s a 100-lb hanging bag or a freestanding unit. Fortunately, my ceiling beams were the perfect height for attaching the traditional chain and swivel. Boxing is one of the most efficient forms of exercise to burn calories like an incinerator while enhancing your physique with power, stamina, agility, and speed. I box at least three times a week in-between strength training.

Allocate two weeks for project completion and make sure to order the gear first to allocate shipping time. For basic equipment, expect to pay a few hundred dollars, but for a complete gym, set aside your entire stimulus check or more.

On top of your newfound garage gym, continue to eat and drink clean by way of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, water, herbal teas, seeds, and nuts and reduce or eliminate any immune inhibitors like alcohol and tobacco. Your body will thank you for the purifying tools needed for life extension. Now get to it!

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