Fit FathersWhy does work always seem to get the best of us, especially on road trips? Well, it doesn’t have to. To break the bad habit begin by always packing your running shoes no matter what. When you get to the hotel seek out co-workers who also need an excuse to rise a bit early to hit the pavement for a run or the gym to work out. Better yet, make plans before you even arrive to the destination. Trust us, neither party wants to let the other down.
During a recent event outside of San Francisco fellow Fit Father Jason Harper and I met up for a steep and hilly trail run at one of the local parks. The air was intoxicating, the weather was cool and the wooded trail was enchanting. We ran up at slow pace, but came barreling down full speed ahead for 2 miles. The euphoria was amazing and stuck with us well into dinner. And while everyone else chatted about how they ate, took naps and drunk wine, Jason and I bragged about our very fulfilling afternoon of fitness. Talk about envy!
Kimatni D. Rawlins