Words by Leon Brittain

As I always say, “push through the no and just go” instead of making excusing not to exercise on a Saturday or Sunday morning with friends. Here at Fit Fathers, we ride every third Sunday with a group of dads and colleagues. This past weekend the crew pedaled through a cool 22 miles from Riverdale, MD to Anacostia Park, DC, along its river trail. After posting socially, we always receive inquiries from individuals looking for a group in their city. Well, here are some tips for starting your own.

  • First and foremost, go for a few rides yourself and begin posting on social media. This will let your peeps know that you are a rider, whether it’s mountain biking or road riding.
  • Pay attention to other riders in your area and see if you can join them or if they can join you.
  • Come up with a catchy name for your weekend outings and begin hashtagging it.
  • To grow the group, begin texting or emailing friends, family, or work buddies that you know have a bike and ask if they can ride on a particular date and time.
  • Planning typically involves setting a date a few weeks in advance since we all have busy schedules.
  • Once you have a good amount of folks, start a Google calendar invite and add everyone’s email. This way, the fitness appointment will be set in stone.
  • Lastly, encourage each member to bring a friend or two on the ride so the group can expand. For example, after we invited Jefferson Brown, he turned around and invited four Fit Fathers of his own who all showed up.

The joy of group rides is that they hold each person accountable, increases motivation, and prepares the spirit for an exciting, life-enhancing morning. If anyone in the Maryland, Virginia, or DC area is interested in riding with Fit Fathers, please reach out to us through the website contact form. One Love and keep moving, people!