Experienced by Kimatni D. Rawlins

The Fit Fathers team has visited the Bay Area at least 40 times in the last two decades but never have we thought about running or biking across the historic Golden Gate Bridge. Completed in 1937, the famous spectacle draws droves of daily crowds from across the country and globe. So enough was enough, we manifested our intentions and made it happen for two reasons. One was to kick off training for the Urbanathlon presented by Men’s Health Magazine and the second was to scratch off another monument from our global running chart.

Run-The-Golden-Gate-Bridge-Fit-Fathers...17Since the team’s latest journey situated us at the luxurious Cavallo Point Lodge in Sausalito, CA, it was almost a no-brainer for exercising our rights to fitness freedom by way of the Golden Gate Bridge. Founded on a former military base, the eclectic property is less than a mile away from the entrance of the bridge. In total we ran around 6 miles in a bit more than 60 minutes. The toughest task was trekking the half-mile, up-hill trail to get to the Vista Point. After that it was smooth sailing across the bridge and back, and down the trail. Though, a few flights of steps stood in our way in route to the spacious Cavallo Point studio rooms.

We’re feeling amazing and now ready for a healthy, vegan meal at the Cavallo Point Cooking School in building 602.

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