Strider Sports Int’l., Inc., the world’s premier manufacturer and marketer of children’s no-pedal balance bikes, has identified an even younger group of potential bike riders – toddlers, ages 12-24 months, just learning to stand and walk.

According to Strider Founder and Chief Enthusiast, Ryan McFarland, “a baby who rocks becomes a future Strider rider! We all know babies enjoy rocking horses when they are small. The problem is that no child ever gets to graduate from the rocker and ride off into the sunset and experience the freedom that the Strider Bike can offer. This modular system that converts a rocker (for a baby) into a balance bike (for a toddler or young child) is one of the many unique values that our brand represents.”

This new product easily attaches to any 12-inch Strider Balance Bike and allows the youngest member of the family to play with, rock, and ride a Strider Bike on a safe and stable base until they are old enough to ride the bike – which is typically around 18 months. The Rocking Base is made of all-weather, durable black plastic and includes all tools necessary to attach to a bike. Maximum rider weight for the rocking base is 40 pounds. The Strider Rocking Base is available for order immediately, retails for $79.99, and does not include a Strider bike.

Strider Sports International, the leading manufacturer of no-pedal balance bikes, has sold over one million Strider Bikes since 2007. The Strider Bike line-up includes the 12” model for younger riders and the 16” and 20” models, developed in the last couple of years for older children and adults with balance and coordination challenges.

All Strider Bikes and accessories are available through the Strider website and at local Authorized Strider Dealers. To order your Strider Rocking Base, visit