Experienced by Styves Exantus

In this advanced, high tech world full of constant movement and where steps taken and heart rate observance is important the Mio Slice Activity Tracker adds a refreshing perspective on collecting and sharing motivation with PAI points. Having Personal Activity Intelligence (PAI) on your wrist throughout the day offers a simple yet calculated number to find individual needs to keep one sweaty and gasping for air.

The PAI points monitor the heart rate as the pivot point to track workload versus the prehistoric step counters that say “Yes, I walked back and forth from my desk to the printer for about 3,601 total steps today at work.” My personal appreciation of this revolutionary system lets me know if I am actually pushing my threshold or just casually coasting through a workout. If I leisurely jog a 9-minute mile I may get a PAI point or two but when I push my limits and knockout 6-minute miles then I’m now hitting the jackpot with PAI points.

The Mio Slice is not only following your heart rate throughout the day but is also tracking your sleep patterns which is a vital element for recovery. The band is simple to wear and doesn’t impede any typical, daily actions. In addition, the app is user friendly and visually displayed the PAI points I was racking up throughout my day of work, fitness and family time. The only suggestion I would have in this era of fashion would be to make the bands interchangeable.

Great job with the PAI points Mio Slice. I needed newer technology to track my heart’s true effort. With an MSRP of $129.00 visit www.mioglobal.com for more details. More importantly, to receive a $30 discount enter promo code DAD30 during checkout. Free shipping included.